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Ruled Reflective Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction grating is a kind of optical glass substrate composed of dense, equidistant parallel lines, and the surface is coated with aluminized reflective film, which can separate white light into various components through diffraction effect. High-quality ruled diffraction gratings can meet almost all diffraction needs, especially when the efficiency requirements are relatively high. Diffraction gratings can be used in a variety of monochromatic research, teaching, and industrial applications. Almost all commercial spectrophotometers use diffraction gratings to select specific wavelengths or scan the entire wavelength region. Customers can select gratings according to size, groove spacing and blaze wavelength. Because the surface of the grating is aluminum film, there is no inventory in advance, but the grating can be quickly copied according to customer requirements.



CAT Dimension(mm) Groove Density(grooves/mm) Blaze Wavelength(nm)
AGR1-13-300-500 12.7×12.7×6 300 500
AGR1-25-300-300 25x25x6 300 300
AGR1-25-600-500 25x25x6 600 500
AGR1-25-600-750 25x25x6 600 750
AGR1-25-600-1250 25x25x6 600 1250
AGR1-30-2400-250 30x30x9.5 2400 250
AGR1-35-1200-365 35x35x9.5 1200 365
AGR1-35-1200-800 35x35x9.5 1200 800
AGR1-40-300-1500 40x40x9.5 300 1500
AGR1-50-300-365 50x50x9.5 300 1000
AGR1-50-300-3400 50x50x9.5 300 3400
AGR1-50-600-750 50x50x9.5 600 750
AGR1-50-600-1000 50x50x9.5 600 1000
AGR1-50-1200-250 50x50x9.5 1200 250