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Holographic Reflective Diffraction Gratings

The Holographic Reflective Diffraction Gratings is formed by the interference of two interfering laser beams to form fringes, and is exposed on a polished negative, and a sinusoidal pattern is formed on the exposure medium. Holographic gratings are specially designed to reduce or eliminate the effects of blazed gratings caused by periodic errors, such as ghost images (or ghost lines), relatively more stray light, and so on. The holographic grating is not easy to produce blaze, and the efficiency is lower compared with the ruled grating. But when the ratio of scribed width to wavelength is close to 1, the efficiency of holographic gratings is virtually the same as that of scribed gratings. Furthermore, a holographic grating with 1800 lines per millimeter is as efficient as a ruled grating at 500 nm. Can be used in spectrometers, spectrophotometers, and monochromators. This product is aluminized and has great reflectivity in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral ranges.

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CAT Dimension(mm) Groove Density(grooves/mm) Wavelength(nm)
AGR2-1313-0600-UV 12.7×12.7X6 600 UV
AGR2-2525-1200-UV 25X25X6 1200 UV
AGR2-5050-1200-UV 50X50X9.5 1200 UV
AGR2-1225-1200-VIS 12.5X25X9.5 1200 VIS
AGR2-1313-1200-VIS 12.7X12.7X6 1200 VIS
AGR2-2525-1200-VIS 25X25X6 1200 VIS
AGR2-3030-1200-VIS 30X30X9.5 1200 VIS
AGR2-5050-1200-VIS 50X50X9.5 1200 VIS
AGR2-1313-1800-UV 12.7X12.7X6 1800 UV
AGR2-2525-1800-UV 25X25X6 1800 UV
AGR2-5050-1800-UV 50X50X9.5 1800 UV
AGR2-1313-1800-VIS 12.7X12.7X6 1800 VIS
AGR2-2525-1800-VIS 25X25X6 1800 VIS
AGR2-5050-1800-VIS 50X50X9.5 1800 VIS
AGR2-1313-2400-UV 12.7X12.7X6 2400 UV
AGR2-2525-2400-UV 25X25X6 2400 UV